The Brain's Hypothalamic Stem Cells: The Primary Driver Of Aging?

Updated: Jun 7

In his latest podcast, Dr. Gladden sits with our primary investigator Dr. Sheldon Jordan to discuss brain health and optimization. Listen to learn more about Dr. Jordan's cutting edge neuro-imaging , and how it can be used as a tool to better understand, and potential reverse, the aging process.

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Dr. Gladden introduces Dr. Sheldon and speaks about his experience and profile (1:00)

Dr. Sheldon defines aging as the interaction between re-genesis, growth, and the opposite, which is destruction (3:21)

Dr. Sheldon talks about how kids with autism always have a large head and a large brain as they have too much growth without pruning (6:05)

Dr. Gladden mentions how again is not a linear process but an exponential process(8:35)

Dr. Sheldon says that it is possible to get early markers for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease by using magnetic resonance imaging (11:35)

Dr. Sheldon goes on to mention how comparison of a healthy individual with others with diagnostics label help catch the disease early (13:33)

Dr. Sheldon talks about how segmenting the population by decades could help comparison among people of different ages (14:59)

Dr. Sheldon describes how an MRI scanner is used to get the kind of data needed to help patients and how it’s done (18:00)

Dr. Sheldon mentions how different tests are carried out to help people preempt any issue or disease that is not yet visible (21:05)

Dr. Sheldon talks about working with the FDA and various companies to develop regenerative products that can be delivered to the brain using targeted energy sources (23:00)

Dr. Sheldon talks about how you can make a certain mouse old by destroying cells in the hypothalamus and make it young again by replacing it with certain regenerative elements (25:40)

Dr. Gladden questions Dr. Sheldon about the techniques he uses to characterize the status of hypothalamic stem cells (29:10)

Dr. Sheldon talks about how the exosomes from a blood sample or spinal fluid sample can be collected and analyzed (33:16)

Dr. Sheldon mentions how it is essential to take action before ailments and other diseases progress and become irreversible (38:00)

Dr. Sheldon talks about the importance of the what you breathe and what you put inside your body (41:00)

Dr. Sheldon makes us understand that how we eat, sleep, and exercise matter (44:00)

Dr. Sheldon ends by mentioning that diet, exercise, and sleep are important to anyone who wants to make 100 the new 30 and also the importance of spiritual health (46:10)

Dr. Gladden also mentions that when people dam the flow of love, they pay a physiological price (48:40)

Dr. Sheldon ends with the advice that it is essential to have someone to love, someone who loves you, and something to look forward to (49:50)

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