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Can 6 weeks of meditation change your brain?

At The Regenesis Project, we use cutting edge neuro-imaging to better understand brain function.

In this video, Dr. Jordan and Victoria Venkatraman partnered with Buzzfeed and Goodful to see how 6 weeks of meditation affects brain function.

Check out the final results!

Key takeaways:

🧠Advanced MRI (fMRI) can show how the brain is working and how different regions are functionally connected, rather than just the shape and size of the brain

🧠Anxiety is related to a particular part of the brain called the amygdala (you have two amygdalae) that has to do with the flight or flight mechanism

🧠When people become anxious, the whole brain gets caught up (frontal lobe gets engaged in anxiety response) and the amygdala can become hyper-connected to other brain regions.

🧠Before her 6-week meditation practice, her amygdala was much more activated compared to same-aged peers.

🧠After her 6-week meditation, her whole brain quieted down and there is much less activation in her frontal lobe, and her amygdala is no longer hyper-connected in comparison to age-matched peers (statistical analysis).

🧠fMRI clearly shows how meditation changes yours brain!!!!

Clink this link to watch the full video on Goodful Youtube!

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