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1. renewal, new birth

2. restart, a new beginning

The Regenesis Project
Sheldon Jordan, MD

The Regenesis Project is a clinical research organization that focuses on new technologies to support

brain health and regeneration. We have already seen promising results, specifically among patients who fail conventional forms of therapy.

Since its founding in 2020, the organization follows artist and scientist Sheldon Jordan MD's belief that all life is molded by an array of natural forces that, when understood, can be harnessed for growth and renewal. The Regenesis Project is dedicated to guide people on this creative path. 


Our editorial board includes certified health professionals and passionate health advocates who use research, debate and individual expertise to illuminate issues of importance regarding the health of the planet and its people.

By providing factual information selected by trusted professionals, we aim to redefine the definition of health to encompass mental and social factors in addition to symptoms of disease. We strive to share access to cutting edge treatments and the insights of our research to inspire a healthier tomorrow. 

Sheldon Jordan, MD

Director of The Regenesis Project

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